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Free Unlock for iPhone on O2 UK:

Free Unlock for iPhone on O2 UK.

As an O2 Business or Monthly Payment customer did you realise that you can get your iPhone unlocked for FREE?

If you are a Pay And Go customer you too can also unlock your iPhone for as little £15.00

This is how you do it....

1. For O2 UK Pay Monthly, Business and Pay and Go customers this is a permanent unlock and your iPhone MUST have come from O2 UK. Your iPhone will be unlocked for ever, even if you update the firmware/software!

2. You will have to be the registered owner of your iPhone. If you are not the registered owner of your iPhone (e.g. if you purchased the iPhone on eBay or something), O2 UK may refuse to unlock your iPhone.

3. Visit the O2 UK website CLICK HERE and complete the request form.

4. If you are an O2 UK Monthly Payment or Business customer the unlock should be completely FREE, however if you are an O2 UK Pay and Go customer, you must make sure you have at least £15.00 credit on your mobile phone to cover the unlock fee.

5. Within 14 days, O2 UK will send you an TEXT message to confirm that your iPhone has been registered as Unlocked with the server.

6. All you need to do now is connect your iPhone to iTunes and the iTunes application will confirm that your iPhone has been unlocked sucessfully.

And that as they say is that.

Remember in the future if you need any Alcatel, BlackBerry, Huawei, Nokia, Pantech, Samsung or ZTE Unlock Codes